Best control panel for homey

I know the existence of Homeydash and the e-ink solution, but is there a control panel for homey like the google nest hub?

But as you know already about that, perhaps some more information, what are you trying to achieve which can not be achieved using the standard google nest hub’s control panel?


What more u want besides ?
And plz check the link before u answer that question!

I want to use the google nest hub so i can control the homey connected devices. And i want the voice integratie With google.
Will this still be supported past august (when the nest API support will end)?

With the link above ur post this is already possible for a lot of devices!

Thanks for the information. But will this still be supported after August 2019 when Google stops the Nest-API?

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From what I understand this has basically nothing to do with the Nest API. It’s actually a webpage that’s connected to homey. Then you go into the webpage through the Nest Hub (via Chromecast API).

So yeah it should definitely work even after august.

If Google decides to stop supporting casting a webpage then it’ll stop work. But it’s impossible to know.


Trying to figure out how you enabled this…where can I find this information?

@Rocodamelshekima made a post how to do this:


cant get it to work, homey is connected to the nest hub, flow has been setup as instructed, no homeydash on the nest, just wont load , any idea ?

Did you try the url within Google Chrome and did it work?

Homeydash is one thing, a good dashboard to control ur house with. Set it up locally and u have all your automation within ur local network.

U can still use Google home/assistant if thats a demand of yours. Just link ur athom account (internet need ofc). As assistant just use what ever compatible device (Google hub, a tablet etc).

None above has to do with cancelation of Nest API. Thats for google devices to interact direct with homey.
But thats all good, its all junk devices anyhow;)

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Hi. I‘d like to show the dashboard on Google Nest Hub too, as you have on your picture. I made a virtual device and a flow to cast the on Google. It doesn‘t work. Is there a trick, which I miss? Thank you.

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I’m interested in doing this, too. Any hints?

I gave up. sorry. but I’m still interested… the google nest hub is in the basement, waiting for a new use…

Can someone help me with a tutorial haw to add homeydash to google nest hub?