Homey losing connection to google nest Hub

Need some help solving my problem.

I use homeydash on a google hub. Works like a charm. However i’ve got 2 buttons (virtual switch) that cast a 1)webcam feed and 2) a camera snapshot to the hub. Those buttons seize to function at random. What i found so far is that once in a random while the hub is unreachable according to homey. (shows the red sign in the tile). Stopping the homeydash cast and starting it again also doesn’t work, I suppose because the connection between homey and google.

In the meantime if i just let it as is, the homeydash functions properly and all the sensors state changes are shown instantly. I can start a spotify stream or ask google to search for something without any issue’s.

Rebooting google nest hub fixes the problem instanty.

Anyone recoginising this behaviour?

Edit on topic title to prevent confusion.


It seems that all functions keep working execpt casting something to the hub. I made a simple test flow (start flow switch light) wich always keeps working. However, casting a new webcam stream or camera snapshot seizes to work at random times. Restarting the cast of homeydash also doens’t work anymore at that point.

A ptp of the google hub still fixes everything for a while. To me it looks like the problem lies in the casting part, but i’m not sure what to try next.

Any thoughts?

Restarting the chromecast app seems to be the temporartly fix. So it’s not completely losing connection. Might just be the chromecast app itself

Can confirm the problem lies in the athom chromecast app. Restarting the app fixes it temporary 10/10.

There is already a Threat about the chromecast app.

This threat can be closed.