Dashboard stops working on Google Nest Hub

I have a big cool Node-Red dashboard running on my nest hub.
(Which took a lot of time to make).
Until yesterday it was possible to refresh the webpage every 10 minutes.
Unfortunately since last night the cast stops after 1 min. or less.

Are there more people experiencing this problem?
And is there anything I can do about this?

I have also a dashboard on my nest Hub 2. I use the Cast app to cast i to my nest as soon someone stands for the nest hub. Sometime the cast does not work. I have seen different reasons for that. Sometime the cast app needs to be restarted. You can see that because there is a red exclamation mark on the cast device. And sometime the nest hub needs a restart.

Hello, I have the same problem. It only cast 30 seconds (before 10 minutes). Does everyone has an idea?

Hi, already have an answer? I am having the same issues. Google nest hub not usable anymore

I still have the problem. I assume that the new Google OS Fuchsia could be the problem. I tried with an Nest Hub with Google Fuchsia (Not working) and the Google nest hub of a friend with old Goolge OS (working). And google is rolling out that update step by step. It would be great, if people who have that problem write to Google or the Homey Support (about the Google Chromecast app) if they can fix it. When more people have that problem and Google or Homey is informed maybe they will priorise that problem.

Do you have a google nest hub gen 1?

With this link you can test, if you have the new google fuchsia installed. I think thats the problem in my case. Make a homey flow and cast following website to the nest hub:

Ok, yes nest Gen1 and fuschia. Is there a solution? Buy Gen 2? Or another trick which makes it doable?

Hi Martijn, I have the same constellation “Gen 1 and fuchsia”. At the moment I don 't have another solution. I only know, that a Nest Hub without fuchsia works. It would be great, if you can write to the Homey support, maybe they will priorise it, when different people wrote this problem.

@feRon, if fuschia is the problem, there is nothing Athom can do about it. It would be better to mail google nest support

I also wrote to the nest support. The main problem is, that Homey is not a supported device for Google nest hub. They said me, that the Homey Chromecast app should be the problem. I think it’s also a good idea that people who have this problem, also wrote to the Google nest support. I think is the same, when different people report to the google support, they will have a look at this problem and will maybe priorise it.

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Athom is aware of the issue and is going to look into it. They are going to try to fix it, with no ETA!

I expect that it will a bigger issue as soon as google rolls out fuchsia to all products. Maybe athom can be ready before that happens.

My 2nd hub updated last night unfortunately so I have 2 hubs not working with Homey anymore.

Hopefully someone (athom?) steps in to find a solution.

Same issue here. :frowning:

Me too. Few days ago the same problem on 2 nest hubs Gen1. Frustrating. :-/

Even in het NL een reactie van Homey:
Het blijkt inderdaad dat dit issue waarschijnlijk aan de fuchsia update ligt. Onze developers zijn aan het uitzoeken of er daarvoor aan onze kant iets gedaan kan worden om dit op te lossen of dat we afhankelijk zijn geworden van Google.

Blijkt waarschijnlijk or lijkt waarschijnlijk ?

Daar gaan we. Nu komen er meer. De eerste zijn is niet altijd het beste :wink: ik hoop op Athom!

Inmiddels hier 3 nest hubs “onbruikbaar” door Fuchsia
Ik hoop dat er gauw een update komt