Dashboard stops working on Google Nest Hub

Ik heb hetzelfde probleem op mijn gen1 met fuchsia. Zijn deze problemen ook op de gen2? Ik wilde er net 1 bij kopen maar dan wacht ik nog maar even. :frowning:

Any news on this? At the moment my hub is only a “smart” clock…

Same problem here. Seems that it is when the nest hub updates a picture or the time.

Today I tried to cast again to my Gen1 hub and surprisingly it works again! Only, after 10-20 seconds the dashboard disappeares again and switched to my Google Photos stream on the hub. It should stop after my timer of 540 seconds…

Anyone else who has this?

That is the issue.

Exact the problem, casting every minute makes it more or less useable.

I have the issue too, with two gen 1 hubs. Is the gen 2 also affected? Or only gen 1?

I got the same problem for the last couple of weeks, the Gen 2 still works (fingers crossed).

Lets hope there will be a fix soon :slight_smile:

Same here. What a shame.

Al weer even geleden, mijn post, maar is er al nieuws?

So far no issues on my gen 2 devices, lets hope it will stay that way

Do your gen 2 hubs have the new sofware (fushia)

Just got a message today that Athom cannot do anything about it.
“Looks like a Google issue” .

Nog steeds frustratie en geen oplossing! Heb nu een oude tablet in gebruik met het dashboard draaiende! Werkt top! De Google Hub gaat in de verkoop; waardeloos geworden.

same issue here, GEN1 nest hubs

A “sort of” workaround, a motion sensor next to the hub so when it detects someone nearby it will cast the dashboard. (for a short time)
Also a button on a kaku remote is starting a flow wich also activates the dashboard.
Of course we all like to see Google makes this “error” undone…

It’s not an error, it’s intended. And Athom doesn’t wanna pay Google so not gonna be fixed!

Thats’s why error is between quotes…:wink:

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I know m8!

Sinds enkele weken heb ik ook ineens dit probleem met casten van homeydash op Google nest hub. Dat sucks big time!