Google Chromecast app crash


Recently, I noticed that the Google Chromecast app crashes. After I manually restart the app, it will work for a day or so. Then, it will simply stop working, resulting in an exclamation mark with the icon of the device. Has anyone else experienced the same issue and / or has anyone got a solution for this?

Thanks for any comments!


@Alcor have the same problem here with the app. For work-a-round I restart the chrome app every 3hour in a flow. Since then no problems anymore. Now waiting for an app update so I don’t need to restart every time…

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Yes same problem and also restarting the app to keep it alive. I notified athom and they are looking into it for quite some time now.

Don’t forget to send your own mail to athom. More ppl=more attention

Hi, thanks for the idea! Found an instruction to do that here:

Thanks for following up. I will send an e-mail to Athom support.

Any option to install older versions of the app? The newest versions don’t have native support of chromecast audio.

Had the same problem, that it lost connection with the Chromecast, and indeed a restart of the app fixed it. But notice the last days that they keep working. No restart needed the last 1,5 week so looks like the
v5.0.21 - 30.07.19 version keeps working. :+1:

Unfortunately, that is not what is happening here. Quite the opposite in fact: since a week or so the app crashes. It seems like it is crashing within one or two hours after a restart of the app or a total reboot of homey.

Any suggestions or a solution?
Constantly and randomly looses connection and related flows stop functioning properly :face_with_head_bandage:


google chromecast “cast a youtube video” has stopped working. … hanging on a pause. :frowning:

Same here :frowning:

Got the same problem here!

I’m a new Chromcast owner. Have the latest model. It randomly goes offline in Homey even though my Chromcast is on and is working fine…

This problem seems to have existed for quite some time from what I’ve seen. Are they not interested in fixing it ?

Got the same thing happening with my Nvidia Shield and Google Mini.