Is there a trigger for a device that is broken? (aka red triangle?)

Hi guys,

On a regular base, one of my google home speakers is not working with homey, and it shows a red triangle… After a restart of the chromecast app, everything is fine, for as long as it takes…

I am wondering if there is a way to restart the app as soon as the connection is lost. There is one trigger wich says; “When a device has not reported for x minutes” but I don’t think this is the trigger I am looking for…

Any suggestions? Or should I send a feature request t Athom…


This trigger doesn’t work in any case, but just try it out.

Why wait until the app has crashed? I restart the Sonos app preventively every night.

If you want that the bug will be fixed, then definitely!

It’s odd while I almost have no issues with Chromecast. F.i. I continuously cast my dashboard during at home/awake time. Only I don’t cast music to any my 5 devices.
Did you split your 2.4 and 5GHz and give them separate SSID’s? Sometiimes it’s just your wifi configuration.

NetScan, let it check the connection automatically and restart the app when the connection is down (for x seconds).

Flow Checker. If Chromecast crashes or gets paused, the flows involving these devices break. FlowChecker returns a report about which flows are broken, included with links to the flows in the web app flow editor.
Now you know if and which app stopped. With Flow Checker you can also create flows to restart the app again.

(If Papertrails should stop for some reason, almost all my flows will break :woozy_face: )


you can also use the build-in feature: System → An app has stopped working.

Thanks. In Dutch it’s called “An App has crashed”.
But they don’t crash often, most of the time Homey kills an app, and then the state is ‘paused’ or disabled’. The ‘app crashed’ trigger doesn’t activate in those cases…

The app get restarted every day, but sometimes it one of the devices will stop working after some time. So it should be nice if there was a standalone trigger; “When device got disconnected” or something similar. But as far as I see, no such option does exist yet. So I will do a feature request.

Thanks for the suggestions…

aybe netscan is an option! I will try that one… It is bte not that the home mini itself looses connection with the internet, but just the connection with homey is lost…

NetScan scans from Homey using LAN & your router.
So if Homey can’t reach the home mini, which is also on your LAN, NetScan can’t also.
With a network scanner (Fing) or in the DHCP overview on your router, you have to discover the local IP of the home mini.
Create a NetScan IP device, and enter the IP of the mini.
Now it’s monitored by Homey, and you can start flow actions on connection status.