Detect devices with exclamation mark/error

Is there any way to report when devices are faulty aka showing exclamation marks?

There’s Flow Checker.
Which marks flows as broken when connected to a device.

Have tested it, but I am looking for a solution to restart apps based on device errors completely automatically.

@krl69 It might be possible to add this to the flowchecker app that it reports broken devices and in which app. Based on that you can restart a app.


@krl69, did you find a way to restart unavailable apps (with exclamation mark)?

The following apps stop working randomly, Harmony Hub, Chromecast, Denon Heos. They start working again by restarting the app.

This flow is started every x minutes:

With Flow Checker, you can do this:
(the logic condition contains a part of a flowname, and that flow has a chromecast device in it)

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Thx! I will give it a try.

The App Device Capabilities has a trigger/when card, which you can configure for brands and types, and will trigger when device become available or unavailable.

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You can set it to brand (specific app) and it wil also let you know when ALL devices of that app become unavailable: thus the app has broken down.

There is also a And/condition card.

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@Arie_J_Godschalk, this is a nice idea and is probably what I need. However, the Device Capabilities app does not list any brands or types. The list is empty. :frowning:. Not sure why. Restarting homey or the app does not solve the problem.

The app that can fix broken apps does not work :pensive:

Send me a diag?

Indeed, some homeys seem to have this issue. Its about next on my prio list.

Here’s a diag c2cabbb8-d1ac-4e03-8291-3d133186da89.

What I did:
11:34 - Installed the DC app
11:36 - Trying to create a flow with the “All devices are unavailable” card. Brand and type list are empty and I’m trying to search for Chrome and Google.

Thanks! :star:

I’ve been using the Flow Checker app for a while now and it doesn’t seem to detect flows with apps that have an exclamation mark. Not for me anyway.

Instead I’m testing an Advanced Flow, see flow below. The flow actually seems to work. Do you have any comments on the flow? Could it be improved?

I’ll suggest to contact the dev Martijn about that, by posting your issue in the Flow Checker app topic

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