Sensative how to fix alarm state on Homey


I just got homey and by integrating sensative drip are all constantly in tamper alarm and water alarm is there someone who could help? I included and excluded several times tried to test settings of it too. Nothing helps

@Alex.Robins Which version did you use?
Did you check out the developers Git?

@Thorarin Should be the developer of the app, he might help you.

Yes I looked into it and many people got the same issue but the developer is not responding no one seems to got a solution… only my strips guard strips are working as door alarm or window .

I run the newest version of the app v2.0.1 and I tried including end excluding 10 times and restarting homey several times. By this method I got my Fibaro flood sensor working.

Version 2.1.0 of the app will give you maintenance actions to manually reset alarms.
Hopefully that will help you.

@Thorarin hello thanks for the fix update, I just programmed my drip stripes and tested them.
Everything is working, it’s good that u programmed the function to reset alarm athom should do it on Fibaro too :smiley:. If it works now stable I will donate for your efforts thanks a lot,

I’m not really looking for donations, but thanks :slight_smile: