Customer Service Experience Report - Sensative Strips

I felt it was important to report an experience I had in dealing with Sensative Strips.

They make door contact sensors and other types of sensors. On the door sensors, they claim up to 10 year battery life. The items themselves are very well designed and look great even though when they are installed they are almost invisible. The items themselves come with 2 year warranty.

I bought one in December 2015. Paired it with Homey and it worked 100% until this week. Suddenly it triggered one of my flows with a battery alarm. The battery dropped to 1%. Then went back to 75% and then died.

I contacted support. I expected the usual kind of support… ‘You did it wrong’, ‘you broke it’, ‘you’re stupid’ type replies…

Not with them. They walked me through a test sequence to ensure it had failed and offered to replace the item when that was confirmed. Thats after almost 4 years of usage.

Thats GOOD customer service. Standing by your claims even if its outside of their warranty. Just thought I would share with you all.


Great to hear @KonradWalsh!
So the stripes are recommended

Thnx for posting this. Glad to hear that as I’m planning to extend my strips to other windows.

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