Sensative Comfort

Hello Everybody, it’s the homey noob :slight_smile:

Well, my homey pro work wonderful with my Somfy rts roller shutter, thanks to the community… and it’s working great with Fibaro!

I have one sensative comfort strip to have exterior temperature and luminosity, but! Yes, but I have alarm on screen… water alarm, and hot temperature… I can’t desactivate, but perhaps it’s rules?

I have the same issue would like to solve this issue as well

Welcome @Age. I can’t used correctly with homey, for my blind and other

Try writing to support @ athom. They will check and possibly remove doubt if the app is the cause or some other background service. I’m using strips guard, works quite well in my case.

I have also the same problem…

I got the same problem and the developer of the app need to fix it or we can ask the community for creating a new app since the developer seems to be not a answering to the issue.

Contact They will try to get in contact with a developer if they are not able then TBD.

Anyone here who managed to solve this issue?

We are waiting for the devlopper!!!

Those devices are really neat and unique on the market. No direct substitute for Sensative at this moment. They are thin and can be places almost anywhere. It’s a pity if Homey loose support for them. Did anyone tried to contact athom directly?

Yes, I contact Athom support, and they are waiting too the developer :frowning:

Well, there have been posted a possible fix on Github on 23.october-19: Sensative Comfort Alarms fix #21.
Any response from developer would be nice. Or maby developer should pass on this developement to someone else interested…(?)

Developer responded fixed the app with a reset function I tested it and work update your app and maybe re integrate your device…