Tamper alarm

i just installed some fibaro motion sensors and when i did that the tamper alarm in them sat of but it wont release again, any suggestion how i can reset them to get rid of that triggered tamper alarm

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There is a device setting where you can set the time the tamper alarm keeps active. As i recall this is a few minutes by default. You can adjust that to f.i. 20 seconds or so.
Mind that if you change settings the device has to be active to update it immediately. Just press the button on the sensor 3 times just before saving the settings in Homey

i don’t know why i doesn’t release ,default value in the sensor is 20 but it has been active for a day now, i think i just have to try the one with 3 time on the button on the sensor and be real careful when putting it back

Good luck, it’s very sensitive (i know :slight_smile: ).
I have two and one of them occasionally triggers the tamper alarm state by itself. I know it does because it’s on the ceiling, so no one can reach it, and we don’t have quakes around here… :stuck_out_tongue: Usually if i tap it on the spot (so triggering manually) , it goes off after 20 seconds.

Ok i can try that trick altso,
thanks so far