Sending an invite to an handler/guest whatever does not work

Hi, new user of Homey, setup done, some units added, does an invite to my wife, she get the mail with link, install homey app and creates an account, then nothing happens, only the setup page exists, how to do?

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Didn´t really help, but thanks for trying.

Well I hoped you’d end up here following the search results :wink::

Do you have any ad blockers pi-holes and the likes → temporary disable that stuff.
Homey and wife on the same network segment? I presume with ‘wife’ you mean ‘wife’s smartphone’…

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All done according to homey support link you added above and yes my wife smartphone, it is a Xiaomi pro 12, if that has anything to do with it. but it does not work.

I did this: pc and browser I gone to the page and made access with my wife account.
With my android homey app i sent invitation to my wife and open the link on the PC where I was logged with my wife account…

And it worked.

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