Send email when triggered?

Hi! New member and owner.
I used fibaro earlier but got into Homey since i like the idea of multiple protocols.
But i have an issue with emails. I have installed email sender but it dont send mails? When i send testmail from inside the app it works, i get the email. But when i test the flow it does not send anything.
I have read about people having this issue, but noone seems to have a solution.
Is there a problem with the app and in that case is there any solution to it, or is there any other posibility to get emails when something happens?

It works perfect overhere, maybe you want to share some more info. Because with just saying it does not work… we cant help you

Sorry mate… I use gmail as provider, I have changed the setting to use less secure apps in gmail settings.
Here is a picture of my settings:
Btw, i have a separate account for this, since i dont want to enable less secure apps in my main account

You said it works with test? But not in a flow?

Can you share the flow

tempeature changed
Temperature is greater than 32

And what happend when, using the test option in the flow section?

Exaktly nothing happens when i do it in the web-browser.
In the app the indication circle is circulating for a few seconds, then nothing more happens.

Can u delete the AND part of the flow and test again?

Nothing when i do that either :frowning:

And you are absolutely sure the sensor works and the temperature is changing?
Because if it isn’t this will only work while pressing the test button.

Try to add a notification or push message to the THEN section and see if that is working via the flow.

Yeah, the sensor is brand new and it works. since i have a wallplug connected to it also and it turns of at 28C and turns on at 26C

It does not appear to send any push messages either.

thats strange, so you did put a extra card to your original flow with send a notification? then hit te test butten…fill in a temp higher then the 32. And nothing work?

make a new flow with only the mail part and test this first.

did some testing, and iam supprised.

Just if temperature changed,then send notification.

Hit the test button. tried 4 times nothing. No green or red mark , in the then part.

Next test.

Tempature changed
And. tempature is higher then 32
Then send notification.
hit test fill in a value of 35

Working everytime.

I was convinced and stil think so, that the test option was replacing the trigger.

So did the first test again…stil nothing happends no notification…no red or green marks, with the testing option.

the flow itself does work, i get a notification when the real tempature changing.

Maybe they changed something at athom or you just find a bug.

Gonna test it later again, for know its RACE DAY @ LE MANS. beer time :+1: :+1:

This is strange, I went to the store for a quick one, And the push notification got through.
Then i got home and tested with 4g instead of wifi, and i got the push again, Then tested Wifi and got it, Back to 4g and nothing, back to wifi and nothing and now 4g and got it, but several minutes after sending the test…
But still no email

Testing just the email-part in the flow as JPe4619 suggested works. So we can say that the email-part definetly works

It can happen that flows are not starting good with the Test function from the 'External’Flow Editor, while it works fine from the Internal FlowEditor in the Homey Phone App.

No difference if i do it via app or web interface :frowning:
Also it makes no sence when it arrives…

Maybe you can extend the testflow for email, with the wanted functions, and disable the “problem” flow, did that ones with an ‘unwilling’ flow and that was working.