Send email when triggered?

The issue is that the delivery is slightly delayed… I get push notices and emails that i sent hours ago… I sent one from the app and one from webinterface 15.00 and they have not yet arrived :frowning:

PTP for 15 minutes?

I sent the last message yesterday, but they still keep on coming and has been all night
Of course it’s messages from all day in no specific order

This is getting kind of redicolous now.
In the latest 8 hour i have gained about 75 new test emails.
And i have tried several different combinations, but nothing works when putting a temp inside the equation…
Is there any other way to get email when the tempsensor gets to high?

I think the best you can do , is contacting athom and tel the problem… sounds like a fault/bug.

Unless it’s the email server being slow. My best guess is that he pushed the test button at least 75 times?

Nope it isnt about the email server. Read the topic. :rofl::rofl:
Its working when using the and part.

It has been working at least 75 times!
Ow and I did read the topic.

Nope, i havent pushed the testbutton 75 times, not 150 …
But if i did, i would prefer that the emails and push notice came shortly after.

I don’t understand. You said it worked when testing with only the email part:

When testing without the Logic part it works.

But does it run from itself as it should when the flow is triggered? You are absolutely not clear in what happens when which makes it very difficult to try to understand and solve this.

Did again the test like before…see this topic.

when .Temp changes
Then. send email and a notification

Hit the test options in the flow editor (app)

Nothing happends, no green/red mark.

with the first test i didnt get the mail later like @Blysprutan. The test i did today from 4/10 i get the email and notification 15 min later.

The flow works… temp changes i get the mail and notification.

Next test with logic in the and part.

When temp changes.
And logic, temp is higher then (for example 30)
then email and notification.

Hit test, fil in a number higher then 30. Green marks and all fine 10 out of 10.

So i asume its something with the test option, it just dont trigger the then part at least not

Question @Blysprutan does the flow itself works when then tempature in rreal changes (here it works)

EDIT: another test with another trigger…

when. this flow is started
then. send mail and notification

hit test.


Dit use several different triggers , working

Using the temp changed. Not working. using anything with something changed (temp, lum ect) the test option is not working.

Thats strange, Now it works here to.
I did a long time power of when i left for work, and pluged it in when i got home, and now it works here aswell. Hopefully it will work forward on aswell.

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For the record: did you or did you not do a PtP 2 days ago like @JPe4619 advised?
Because it should have solved the problem then already i assume…

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I did the PTP as JPe Asked me to do, but nothing changed at that time.

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I guess u missed the 11.2 second spot the first time then. :joy:

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