Email sender app not sending mail?

I have installed and configured the Email Sender app. When testing the configuration (on the apps configuration screen), it gives a succes message and I can see the message coming in at my synology mail.
When setting up a flow, even a simple one, it does nothing. The action seems to keep running (rotating disc), nor do I see a message in the SMTP logs of the Synology.
Is there a way to troubleshoot further?

A simple flow that only sends an e-mail also does not work.

When I test the configuration, it works. Only not in a flow. I am using the SMTP server on my Synology NAS. But the message is never even queued on the NAS. Strange.

Try restarting the app on your Homey after saving the settings. There seems to be a bug in it which I haven’t been able to track down yet.

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Yep, that did the trick, thanks!

Stiil exactly the same issue here.
Using smtp from my provider. Test is ok only in flow it is not.working ( progress circle keeps rotating). Resetting the app in Homey is not succesfull.


not resetting but restarting the app…just installed the App and after saving, testing and restarting the app. mails are sent just fine overhere.

Works !
I removed the sendmail app and reinstalled it.
Cannot see any difference in configuration, but it works now.


I have the same issue with Email sender. In settings it work fine, and i can read the testmail in mailbox, but in flows it take a time and then time out. I have tested with two different e-mail servers, one of them Gmail. I have removed and reinstalled the app for two times and restarted the Email sender-app many times. I run it on a brand new Homey Pro.

Now Email sender works for me, but when I test the flow the busy rotation icon on the card seems to be there long time after the mail is sent. Mayby that tricked me a lot during my error-working.

The same problem here too, has been going on for 3 days with different variants and mail servers, but none of the variants have been working in a Flow.
Also reinstalled the app.
But still no luck getting the app to work in a Flow.
NB: worked before, but just stopped working for a couple of months ago.

Testing with the app setting works without problem.

We never learn to go for the easy parts first. :blush:
Here I have wasted several days with nothing but nonsense.
Then it was just a matter of turning it off and on again.
Is there an app and routine that restarts Homey every week, I think this is necessary.

Anyone else with more information? I have tried with restarts and uninstall/install (and different email providers). Keep getting: Error: Invalid login: 535 Authentication Credentials invalid.

Any clues/ideas?