Email app trigger not working

I am using the email app (by Adam Norén). The flow I am using is not working. The credentials are valid and from the gmail dashboard I can see that the app has last connected about half an hour ago. (It is a g-suite mail adress on my own domain).

When I test the flow with the subject of a recently received email, it just works. Also for an evening the flow has done its job, but when I woke up the next morning the flow wasn’t triggered anymore. It has not been working for days now… Restarting the app hasn’t worked, pulled the plug, also not fixed.

Could you please help me?

Did you try to disable 2 factor authentication? Only for test

Did you rtfm? (Sorry, a bit rude, but most people including myself don’t rtfm :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:)
I know you can logon, and it worked for a while, but:
Could this help you out? The Gmail account setting?

All of a sudden it seems to work now. Didn’t change a thing. Hope it keeps working.

The setting “use less secure apps” is not available when 2fa is on…

That’s funny. Finger’s crossed. And maybe the use of less words can help at Email subject contains
F.i. ‘trade hopper’

Thanks for the help Peter and Tolga! I’ll see what happens :wink:.

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Hi I’ve just migrated to a pro 2023 - the email app works.fine on my old 2016 homey - but on the new one it crashes every time an email arrives. Any ideas. Have tried reinstall - no luck

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same here. It crashes…

You can try to reach the dev Adam by
(found it with one of his other apps)

Same here… doesn’t work. Looks like login works as the app is up and running. But as soon as I receive an email the app crashes.

Maybe an acceptable workaround when you need a trigger: I use the Whats-app App and send a Whats- app to my own account with a certain text to trigger a flow.

I have exactly the same problem.
I just installed the app on Homey Pro.
Connection test is OK, but the app crashes, when a mail is receiver.
Any hints?