Trigger by incoming mail

I’m looking for a way to trigger actions from an incoming email. I’m aware of IFTT, but in this case the sender email address is a 3rd party (meaning I can’t confirm the email address for IFTT-usage).

Recently installed a new security system. The only way to recognise whether it’s enabled/disabled is that it’s able send out an email to any email address I specify. My goal is to use those emails to tell Homey whether I’m home or away (which impact various other flows).

Example of emails:

Does anyone have any idea how to connect this to Homey somehow?

Thanks in advance!!!



Hi @wilco05,

i would try the email service from IFTTT with an O365 (suppose you can use too) or gmail mailbox

and let IFTTT trigger an flow when the specific message is received.

Thanks! Appreciate it.

Will give the Gmail app a go to see how fast it is (some flows should be instant instead of with a delay).

did you have any succes with this? I am looking for this but do not have office 365. Can use outlook or gmail but cannot find this.

Or anyone else that knows a way to get this working. I am on android.

Also curious about this, any success? Office365 in IFTTTT seems not work and gmail seems to only be able to send, not read…