IFTTT Tutorial

Is there such a thing? I want to use IFTTT to send me an email when a particular flow has started, such as a certain sensor battery needs to be replaced, as the messages can be missed.
I have installed the IFTTT App on Homey and my phone but I am struggling to work out how to connect the two.
Here is what I did in Homey.

You can do that without IFTTT. Homey can do this without going through IFTTT.

Alternatively, you can have Homey send you a push message to your mobile phone.

Thanks, I was reluctant to use email sender. It appeared from reading the App description that you had to reduce security of your email service.

I was also really wanting to use this to learn about the interaction of IFTTT and Homey. So my flow did work and I got an email, but it was pretty generic.

So if Homey detects a sensor with low battery does it set any variable with that sensors name?


How do you pass data from Homey to IFTTT?

Here is my IFTTT script.