Seitron New Wave compatibility with homey?


I have water borne heating in every floor in my house. It came with a system called Seitron New wave.

It uses an active antenna : Active antenna for DLP modules (

That transmits on the frequency 868,150 MHz.

In every room there is a thermostat that is wireless and transmits to the active antenna on 868,15 Mhz frequency.

The relay system to each room is this module: 8 zones relay module with pump output (

And I also have a 2 zone relay module in my second floor.

Just wondering if Homey is compatible with this, so I can use Homey to control the temperature in each room.

I see that Homey transmits on the same frequency 868 Mhz.

But wanted to check if anyone else has tried Homey against Seitron.

I can’t find an app for it in the app store, so chances are very small that it’s supported.


Thanks for the quick reply!