See all values in available tags

Sometimes i would like to see what value a available tag have.

For instance, on my z save namron dimmers i have a value of 0-1, so 0.70, 0.80 and so on.

But i only see the ese when i enter the available tags page.

Is there a placement i can see all values?

Il guess its not possible

There is indeed no genarel overview with al the availble tags and their value. Exept what you already find out.

But you can make a request… if you want, and if there more people that like the idea there could be a change that athom implement it.

It is possible, just not on the front page:
When editing a flow, add an “and” logic card with the “is precise” card, there you can select any tag, it will show all tags available, including its value behind it.

Thank you for this.
Was going through them like this earlier today but didn’t see this option! Thanks.

Yes, will do.
Guess this is something everyone wants and strange it’s not already implemented under “more” in settings for instance.