Hover over a tag to see the value

Recently I was making some flows and - to my surprise - hovering my mouse over a logic card with a tag inside it, the tag showed the actual value it currently had. Now, I don’t know how I did that, but I can’t reproduce that behaviour; hovering over a tag only shows the full name of that tag, no longer the value.

How can I show the actual value a tag has?

Athom has removed it

Umm, that sucks.

Yep, we told them.There are still some results available but to be sure, can you share some screenshot of what you mean exactly?

Hovering my mouse over a tag, gives the name of the tag:

Schermafbeelding 2023-06-14 om 12.15.56

A while ago (week??) I saw the actual value of that tag (no longer, so can’t reproduce)

Perhaps you had the flow tested and left it on its end result, then it will show you the actual used value.


That sounds plausible. Will test when home!

Yes, confirmed, to see those results-actual values tags, you must first run your flow.
What is missing and will be probably not added back is the actually values of all tags, eg. when adding them eg. into flows.


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Yes, that works. Great to know!