How to know the tag value?


I have a Robb 2 switch buttons (with a 1 and a 0) . In a flow, when i use the tag button with value 1 or 0 it doesn’t work.
My question how do you know the value of the tag when you push on a switch ?


to be clear in the Logic part of the flow, when i select “Button is exaclty” = ??? how to know if it is 0, 1, Yes , No … or what else

Make a flow which sends the tag value (button) to the timeline via Simplelog or another app, or let Homet speak out the value.
If button 1 is pressed then…
Then you can read the value of the button you have pressed.

I’m not sure what you want to know exactly or how you want to set up your flow, but all current device values of your devices (off/on, dimming level, volume, temperature, etc.) can also be found in Developer.

Thanks Robert !
it works … the problem is that whatelse I push (0 or 1 button) the return code is “Group1” … so there is no distinction between the two buttons on that switch, it’s a pity