Secuyou Matter lock, built on Thread


Secuyou has launched a new connectivity package for their locks, supporting Matter over Thread. Look at this link: Smart Lock - Matter - Højre – .

As I am not familier with Matter over Thread at all, then please enlighten me. As of my understanding, this lock should include in HP23 directly, as it states on the Homey-Matter page, that “Lock” is supported. Am I right? Link to Homey page:

How does it really communicate with the Border router (HP23)? As I have a strong Zigbee and Z-Wave network coverage, but a long way between were i want to use the lock and the HP23 and therefore a poor BLE coverage. If i do not misunderstand, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is used for setting up a Matter over Thread device. So maybe i have to move the HP23/or the lock, when i include in close proximity (I guess it uses BLE to setup, as that is what Secuyou used in the previous products) ?


The initial pairing is done over Bluetooth, but with your mobile phone, not with Homey. Your phone does the pairing and sends the credentials that it negotiated with the lock to Homey, which will then use Thread to communicate with the lock.

If this is your only Thread device, you may still run into issues with range though: Zigbee, Z-Wave and Thread are three different protocols that each build up their own mesh network.

Ok, I understand @robertklep . I will for sure run into problems, as it is as of today my only intended Thread device, and the distance is pretty far considering smarthome distances as I am familier with Zigbee and Z-Wave. Thanks for the new knowledge.

If you know: With the help of Google, it states that the Frequency is all between low end Z-Wave and high end Zigbee, is it up to the vendor too specify what frequency to use, or does it have a multiband-antenna?

Try an other search engine I think :wink:

Homey uses the Zigbee chip for both Zigbee & Thread.

It’s not recommended to use Thread if you already have a fine working Zigbee mesh;
See this H.A. info about combining both protocols on one chip:


I read the IEEE 802.15. 4 radio standard that I did think that Thread followed. Google helped me to reach it, but i did not find your comparing sheet. I read that the IEEE 802.15. 4 standard covered several frequencies, hence my technical question if the fabricator used a multiband-antenna, so maybe Homey could utilize the lower frequencies for better coverage. Lower frequencies, better coverage. I have not read the complete history of revisions in the Thread standard, just scimmed it, but I have not found that the standard can only utilize 2.4GHz…

IEEE 802.15.4 allows for multiple frequencies, but it’s not a requirement that a protocol based on it supports all of them. Thread operates on a single frequency: 2.4Ghz.