Searching for wall remote switch

Hi, please i using several 4 gang remote switches from Tuya - over the Tuya zigbee App but i need to add some more so i bought several those switches but they are not working - as saw in the Tuya app thread i am not alone.
Please can someone tell me another low cost Homey working wall remonte powered by battery with at least 3 buttons (or modes i t can be one button but need to have 3 different modes)
Many thanks

The first post of the Tuya Zigbee app thread explains everything.

Doesn’t explain for me,
i know that there is a problem with those switches ( buttons) there are many people Thay can’t bring those switches to work because of different Software in it.
So therefore I am searching for a different brand/product to replace those Tuna buttons.

Did you actually ask for support for them (as explained in that first post)? That was what I was referring to.