Neutral wall remotes

I am currently looking for neutral looking wireless Wall remotes with 4 buttons using zigbee or zwave.
I can only find Nodon which look a bit futuristic according to my better half :slight_smile: so if anyone has any suggestions that would be most welcome.

So they should look like normal switches.

Very nice looking but only 2 button max is Aqara wireless switch
You have only 2 switches, but you can use scene activation for each button (presses 1x, pressed 2x, long press). And yes, its dirty cheap and works perfect.

Thank you for your reply. I however don’t buy stuff via AliXpress (and all the other same types of sites), especially nothing that has got something to do with electricity/batteries/etc.

But I’ll check if I can find them somewhere else.

Any other suggestions are always welcome

If its not secret, why? I have very good experience with Aliexpress.

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almost everything is made in China :rofl: so i don’t see the problem. I have a lot of stuff from xiaomi and works verry well…

if you buy them let say in Holland, where you think the came from? you right China, same factory where they also come when ordering at Ali.

But ofcourse your free to pay more.
Unlike aliexpress great customerservice and free shipping.

Edit: I have just seen that only the 2 and 8-button switch is compatible, sorry.

@all I’m just looking for neutral wall remotes. I’m not here to debate specific websites. My apologies that I brought it up myself.

@fantross thanks for the suggestion