Wireless light switch recs

I’m looking at options for battery-powered light switches for Hue lights in our new house.

(Or powered by kinetic energy. but I hear those are irritating to push, which is what makes me hesitant about switches like Niko’s Friends of Hue. Experiences welcome.)

What I’m looking for:

  • Wireless

  • Compatible with Homey

  • Integration with existing switches and outlets, so can fit in Jung/Gira/etc. frames (meaning, no Xiaomi or KAKU switches)

  • Preferably RF or Zigbee

  • Affordable

  • “Traditional” switch design with single or double rockers (or dimmer knob); or multiple buttons with at least one or two larger than the others

This seems like a good option: https://www.robbshop.nl/wandzender-8v-zigbee-robb-smarrt / https://www.robbshop.nl/wandzender-2knops-zigbee-robb-smarrt

The downside is that the buttons seem fiddly. The 8v will be great for areas in the house where I need a lot of scenes/flows, but for most rooms I prefer a switch with larger buttons.

I really like the look of https://www.cctvcentral.co.uk/lightwaverf-wireless-mood-control-master-wall-switch-white-jsjslw101wh-1773-p.asp which combines large on/off buttons with smaller ones for scenes, but I don’t think it fits into standard frames.

This one also looks fantastic - very traditional design but with multiple buttons - https://www.robbshop.nl/draadloze-scene-wandschakelaar-zigbee - but I don’t know whether it works with Homey and it’s quite pricy.

Any suggestions?

I have the Z-Wave version of the 8x button Switch (Sunricher / HeatIt) and can confirm that the operation is very fiddly. The keys are not haptically separated and there is no proper pressure point. In addition, the battery consumption is relatively high.

Besides the 8 and 2 button version, HeatIt also offers a switch with 4 buttons, but also with Z-Wave protocol (I know you are looking for ZigBee).

For simple tasks I use this 433 MHz switch. Work well, but also no good feel when pressing.

@undertaker That switch doesn’t fit into Gira/Jung/etc. frames though, which is one of my requirements.

@DirkG Thanks for sharing your experiences! That’s a shame to hear. I’m leaning toward skipping those then.

I use iCasa which look the same as the Robbshop 2/4/8 buttons switches. These have a Homey app that works. I’m happy with these, but my wife doesn’t like the looks of these.