Battery powered smart led light

Hello, I’m looking for a battery powered led light that can be controlled with Homey. Zigbee is preferable to Z-wave (since I don’t have many z-wave devices I’ll have a weaker signal). It doesn’t need to be to bright, it will be just a status led, but it cannot be to big as the Philips Hue Go is (about 10 cm maximum), because I’ll have to stick it to the wall. Color should be red or multicolor, if not possible, white (I’ll apply a red panel over it). Do you know any device that might work?

If the battery was not mandatory I would say this can super easily be accomplish with a particle photon and an LED or a neopixel LED attached to it. That would be wifi though but works with homey. Just need to flash a very basic little software into the photon.

I am also looking for a battery powered led on a homey communication protocol. I want to stick the light on the bathroom wall, so i can flash it when the time for the shower is up. Based on the temp and humidity sensor. Who knows such a battery powered led?

Maybe some Homey App can control this?

Uhm i don’t think so, but maybe we could somehow control it with a SwitchBot on the remote…

Or control the remote by an ESP device.