Need help selecting E14 dimmable bulb

I’m looking to buy some zigbee bulbs for my setup and was wondering if anyone here has any experience with the following. Number 1 priority is brightness and quality, but changing temperature would also be nice. Must work directly with homey, and not require additional controllers.
Philips Hue WA B39
Conecto C37 WRGB
Conecto C37 WCCT
Conecto CL B35 WCCT
Deltaco C35
Deltaco SH-LE14W (strange name, as the picture and description says it’s an E14 but the name says E27)
Calex Smart LED P45
Calex Smart B35 RGB+W
Smartwares E14
Philips Hue Ambience 6W B39
Philips Hue White and Color 6W
Smartline The Warm&Cool
Smartline The Mood Changer

Anyone got any insight? Would love to not have to buy the most expensive Hue bulb, though…but better than having an electrician change my z-wave switches :wink:

I use innr lights. They work perfectly.

Are you planning to put the smart bulbs behind a z-wave switch?
That will cause issue when you switch the z-wave off…

What the reason for not using the zwave switches? (Homey supports these too…)

Let me help by lowering your list to only 3, as the rest are all not supported (currently) by an app in Homey:

Philips Hue Ambience 6W B39
Philips Hue White and Color 6W
Philips Hue WA B39


The WA bulb isn’t marked in the shop I want to use with being Homey compatible. Do you know if the Hue App can change color temperature as well?

@FKey No, I want to get away from zwave switches directly hooked into the electrical system where possible, because it’s higly illegal to do electrical work in your own home and electricians are in the price range of plastic surgeons. Every time something breaks I need to pay at least €500 PLUS the cost of the switch itself.

I will still use z-wave for stuff I want bidirectional operation, but not for simple stuff. Like dimming the light over my dinner table. And of course I will use z-wave for energy hungry devices or if there aren’t good alternatives. Smart bubls, though, have come a long way since Hue and Ikea showed up.

What country are you living in?

Maybe I should grt some diplomas and move to your country…

I’m in Norway. Some prices over here are just ridiculous. And if you have EU papers as an electrician you should be able to work here. I’m sure someone specializing in smart home products would be popular. We’re actually not even allowed to switch out physical switches. I have all the schooling to be an electrician, but I went on with electronics instead - so the only thing I’m missing is working under someone’s supervision for a year. But I’m still not allowed to do small modifications :wink:

Glad I live in the Netherlands,
I do it all myself, without diplomas (but with extensive knowledge of electronics)
Although I do wonder sometimes what risks people take.

Would be fun to gather these risky stories in a post:

“I soldered the adapter to the connections of my motion sensor Battery slot . No need to replace batteries every month, yeaahhh. But why does the battery get so hot?
Response: stop messing around with electronics, you will burn your house down”


Yeah, stuff like that could be “dangerously fun”. I like the old pro trick with just shoving a galvanized spike through the fuse in order to not have to replace it anymore. Yeah, they just make different sized fuses to mess with you. NOOOOO other reason. At all :astonished::rofl: