Searching for a 48v dc input LED Dimming Relais - Replacement for Weinor BiRec LED-48

I have a Pergola Awning from Weinor. It has two receivers: BiRec MA-K for the motor and BiRec LED-48 for the lightning. The Weinor protocol cannot be integrated into homey so I was thinking about replacing the BiRec MA-K with a Shelly 2.5. But I have no idea, what I should buy to replace the LED relais. The problem is, that it has 48V DC input.
Did anyone figure this problem or do you have an idea how I could solve this problem? Would appreciate any help.

Kind regards,

Maybe a Shelly 1?

Thanx for the quick reply. Might work concerning power. But no dimming…

Dear Wilfred,

checked the Shelly site. Shelly 2.5 should be a good solution 48vdc input possible and dimming. Will give it a try. Thank you!