LED Strip Dimming Momentary / Retractive Switch

Hi I have LED strip lights in my kitchen in 3 areas:

1- island
2 - larder units
3 - counter tops)

These are controller by a standard 1G 2W switch and 240v goes to the island and connects to a 240v/12v Tx and feeds the LED strip. The 240V supply then continues to the larder and counter tops.

There is only one 240V supply from the switch.

I want to change the LED’s to dimmable 24v and use a momentary switch.

In my head I’m looking at using a Shelly RGBW2 for each area (1,2,3) and using a Shelly Plus i4 at the switch, does this seem possible/workable or is there an easier way to achieve this.

I would want to momentary switch to switch on/off/dim all 3 areas at the same time.

I have a Homey 2019 Pro and using the latest software.