Scroll function (telis 1) Somfy app

I cannot find an option for the scroll- function (from remote telis1) in the Somfy app.
Is it not really available or am I looking not right? If possible I would like to ADD it myself to the app… with Some help.

Do you mean Somfy RTS? what is scroll function? As far as I have seen, this remote has only 3 buttons, 1 for UP, 1 for DOWN and 1 for STOP(MY). Please explain your problem.

Hi Thanks for your reaction.
It is not the Telis 1 but the Telis 1 Modulus. This is a different remote. This has a scroll-button.

Sorry for the mistake.

Commands of the scroll-function cannot (at least i Think that) be used within the app. That would be very useful!

Have I clarified my problem now?

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Problem is clear, unfortunally I can not help you further. Succes.

I’m pretty new here, so not sure if I should start a new topic.

I’m looking at getting some Somfy motorised blinds. Do I need the Connexoon Window RTS ( Or will the blinds talk directly to Homey via 433?


Yes, Homey can control directly Somfy RTS motors via RF433MHz, but be aware that this is not a good solution for longer distances.

homey will be 2 floors below, but pretty much directly underneath. maybe 10-12 metres away. do you think that might work?

Can’t tell, Depends on so many factors, 433 is used by so many manufacturers, it is easy to disturb, can work for days without problems an fail the next day, for me the distance is only 3 meters and I send the commands 2 times with a delay of 1 minute, so this works well.

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