ScreenLine Remote (v0.0.6) [WIP][Alpha Invite only]

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Work in Progress / Alpha available

Just to Inform you: I am working on a 433 App for the ScreenLine Remote.

The remote is produced by Pellini for their blinds between glass and sold under different names in various countries (fe : inblindz a.o. in The Netherlands)

The ScreenLine Remote type SL2392S159: and the corresponding receiver SL1963:

The Remote has 99 channels and one Group channel (00) where all registered Receivers react.

The App is in an early alpha state, just working registering and transmitting a short Pulse signal.
Multiple short signals can be used to create the long Pulse to Raise / lower complete.

Development is at the moment done by reverse engineering.

Current version: 0.0.5 Apha for invites available at:

Please contact me / send an PM with your Homey registered email if You want to test.
(I just want to make sure it works before I release something public)


  • Validate working signal at multiple Remotes/ Receivers
  • Add Single button Up/Down
  • Add separate Short Signals for Tilt
  • Add tilt capability
  • Calibration (for Height and Tilt )

Please note that this is a community App and is not official from inblindz or ScreenLine®/Pellini and there will be no support from inblindz, Pellini or Pellinindustrie concerning this App.

continuation of the discussion at

Info regarding on-going development:
I am in contact with inblindz and the Dutch representative in The Netherlands,

I borrowed a second remote and receiver to test and found a working signal definition that also works with the first Community member that contacted me.

The first tryout is recently re-written with help from Athom as a SDK2 App using the homey-config-composer and homey-rfdriver.

Still waiting for Homey 2.0 to implement the Tilt function the native way from Homey.

Hi Geurt,

i just updated the app to version 0.0.6 but now it doesn’t work anymore. Is it possible too get version 0.0.5 back online.

Gr. Jan

I assume you already tried to pull the plug from Homey? The 0.0.5 version can be downloaded from:

You can install it with the CLI:


I did and also had contact with the creator. There will be an update shortly. As it turns out version 0.0.5 only works when you install it on homey 1.5 so i have too wait for the update.

Thanks for the input

Hello, is this still relevant? I also have screenline that i want to integrate.


As far as i know there is no update but my screenlines working fine atm with version 0.06.

Hello Dijker,

I just got some doors with these blinds in and I would be keen to try your app please.

Many thanks,


Hi Geurt,

Which homey version do I require for this app?
I have screenline W smart version is that also supported?

Kind regards, Ad

Hello Geurt,
Hope you are doing fine.
Since our first contact I’m happily using the Screenline remote app; 16 screens in total. With the 2 most recent Screenlines with Li-ion battery and build-in RF receiver I’m experiencing some problems. The Pellini remote functions ok with the 2 screens and I was able to learn the remote signals to Homey however when I want to operate the screens through Homey the 2 screens are not responding. When the screens are operated through the connect wired controls and shortly after through Homey it does work; seems the battery/remote is perhaps in a sleep/standby mode.
Are you aware of this? Can I do something myself to solve this or can I somehow support you on this?
Looking forward to your response.
Stay healthy.
Rgds, Jos

See link for more information:

Beste mr. dijker,

Ik zou graag gebruik willen maken van uw app as dat kan. Ik heb 11 screenlines en de homey pro. Wat zijn de stappen om in contact te komen.

Mvg, ad Vaassen

Ps. Ik heb w system sl2776

Hello Geurt, Similar to Mr_Gadget the systems are sl2776 as well were I face the problems with.
Looking forward to your response.

Hi Geurt, Would be great when you can give a response.
Thanks, Jos