Schedule an event on the hour every hour

Hey folks,

I’m struggling with this:

I have 2 devices with a coloured LED I’d like to change the colour of throughout the hour, on the hour.
For instance:
I have a clock I built a LED strip into. I’d like the colour to change every 5 minutes, start on the hour, finish on the hour and repeat that every hour.

I can do the change colour thing with advanced flow in 5 minute wait intervals. But I can’t get a start trigger to work. It’s probably something silly but I’m out of idea’s right now.

Does anyone have a brilliant idea to do the above?

Hoping your creativity is better than mine, I’m looking forward to your suggestions!


Date & time - When every 1 hours
Screenshot from 2022-07-06 05-01-27


strange, for some reason I overlooked that option constantly.

Thanks for pointing it out, Peter!

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