Start lamp next coming day at 6am, but just once


I wish to be able to run a flow at any time, that will start a lamp the next coming time it gets 6am. But I only want it to do it once.

Just to get a better picture.
I have a light that normally turns on at 9am.
But once in a while I want it to turn on 3 hours earlier the next day, but I only want this once every 4-8 days, so it would be perfect the be able to start a flow that enables early turn on just once then the day after that it automatically is back at 9am.

WHEN this flow is started
Then enable this flow “flow2”

WHEN the time is 06:00
switch light on
Disable this flow “flow2” (delay 1sec)
Disable this flow “flow3”

Flow3 3 is the flow that currently switches on the lights at 09:00

I bet someone at this forum has even figured out a way to have your agenda appointment trigger this…

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Or… use the variable.
One scene/flow/button which one set’s the variable “EarlyBird” :wink:
Then a timer-based flow at 6:00, which one checks the “EB”, and switches, if done.
Another timer-based flow at 9:00, this one checks, if not “EB”, then switches light; otherwise clears “EB” (or… the EB clearing in a separate flow - for example @ 10:00 )

PS. In general, the both (variable/flow disable) possibilities are equal :wink: But, there may be some local side-effects to prefer one or another solution.


If I didn’t make a logical mistake with the numbers, the following flow should turn on the light at least 4 times at 9:00. It depends on a calculation of a random number between 1 and 4, when the light will be turned on at 6:00. So it can be on the 5th, on the 6th, on the 7th or at the latest on the 8th day. After the light was turned on at 6:00, the next day the light will be switched on at 09:00 again for the next 4 days.

For the flows you need 2 self created numeric variables (More → Logic).
For the first variable CL_RandomLight please enter the value 1.
For the second variable CL_RandomLight1 please enter a value greater than 4.
Of course you can name the variables differently.

These flows will also work with the “Standard Flows”.
Sorry for German language in the screen shot. If you don’t understand something, just ask.

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And someone did: tutotial-trigger-a-flow-using-calendar-events

I don’t understand the context between the question in this post and the ICalCalender tutorial.
Could you possibly explain this?

Reading back, good question.
For some reason in july I replied referring to a calender appointment.
But looking at the question indeed dont see why anymore…