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Hi I want to create a flow that just starts once. The flow is like this: motion detected and the day is saturday and the clock after 08.00 then turn on lights. The problem is that everytime I go by the motion sensor the flow become activated each time. I just want the flow to be activated on the first time i go in front of the sensor.

You can use a logic variable or Boolean.
But you have to reset that variable or Boolean with another flow sometime before it gets Saturday 08:00 again…


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Flow1: if time=8:00 and dayofweek=saturday then activate Flow2

Flow2: if motion detected then turn on Light and deactivate Flow2

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So much discussed on this forum. Why we wanna invent the wheel over and over again?
When u say “use the search option” u are being rude so not gonna go there.


Hmmm are there no options where you can check «just once». I dont think it so difficult for the programmers at Homey to develope a check box for this. It is not very user friendly if you have to almost program all functions yourself!

Check here.

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Yeah, you’re welcome. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I don’t get it. You ask a question. We answer (promptly!). And instead of a thank you, you’re bragging about the programmers at Athom (yeah indeed, the company’s name is Athom, the device is called Homey) not being user friendly and you have to do everything yourself.

Next time, really do it yourself. Use the search, don’t ask us.

Perhaps you should explain what you mean by “just once”. Ever? Per day? Per full moon? In a lifetime?


Per beer consumed?

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Should I really? Not hard to understand what I mean. But if you need it explained, I mean the same day.

Wow that was an emotion rollercoaster. Om my god my bad!!! I meant Athom! I will never say Homey again. Jesus Christ give me a break man. As a user I am allowed to question the product I have bought. You know and I know this should be an option. And yeah I know the app is free but Homey is not, so dont correct my again please I dont think I can handle it :joy:

Yeah, great attitude. Just totally ignore the fact that you asked US for help.
Again, you’re welcome. And no need to say thanks. Why should you. :+1:
I know another thing you can do yourself… Alas not allowed to mention that here.

Ur in the category of peeps who think: I buy a Homey, plug it in and all lights will go on automagically whenever i want to.
U make a flow and Homey does the rest for the entire day.
Next time question the product before u buy it.
Meantime: make a flow with WHEN motion AND day=Saturday THEN turn on lights AND disable this very flow. Make another flow with WHEN day=Sunday THEN enable the same flow again.

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Oh here we go again. ThANk YoU PeTERvDK but I did not ask for youre opinion! You are completely free to answer or not. You really should get another hobby if you cant handle that I have a suggestion or an other opinion on what should be included in the app or not, and if I dont clap everytime you write a letter on youre computer. In 2020 this feature is not not much to ask for.

Keep it up. Show the real you.

Come on! Homey experiment with alot of things so why is my suggestion so stupid? You guys keep
telling me this question has apperead many times on this forum, so I cant be so fare off? And yeah I bought Homey because it was highly recommended and it was user friendly. I have not time to sit down and program the whole thing by myself. Thats why I ask the forum if I am missing something.

And the answer is a full and firm YES
But unfortunately that’s nothing that a Homey or Athom can do anything about

So you want a simple option that will make a flow run once a day? Some people would want a simple option that will make a flow run once per hour. Or once per week. Or whatever.

Instead of having to add all these options, you have plenty of solutions using flows. The easiest has already been mentioned: when the lights are turned on, disable the flow and enable it again at midnight (or whenever you feel is a good time to reset it).


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