Chronograph explanation in english

I’ve been trying to understand how the Chronograph app works within flows, but because all of the screenshots of flows are in another language it’s hard to wrap my head around how this all works together.

For instance, I’d love to create a dimming flow for the morning where it slowly increases the brightness of the bedroom light, but all of the topics I’ve read and tried to follow don’t go into the basic “how” of the application and how options interact with each other…Hope that makes sense.

here is an example:

you can set the steps and time as you wish

the from 0 to 0.5 = 0 to 50 % brightness

and 1 = 100% brightness

So the flow chart explained: he starts “bedroomlight”
from 0% and increases the dim level for 2 minutes in 60 steps to 50%

Thank you! This helps for the morning routine and I’ll give it a try. I have a similar flow going for a switch that allows hold, and I’m trying to get it to dim while holding, but can’t. Any idea what I’m doing wrong or missing?

first, you can choose in the flow card from pick/name. it’s best if you only choose 1 of these. so if you choose pick then you choose from your existing timers or make a new one. if you choose name then you can make your own.

i see that for 2 flow tickets, you entered both pick and name

2nd, 100 steps during 6 seconds is a bit much, maybe if you lower the steps to 20 steps during 6 seconds

Other than that, I don’t see much crazy about it, does it dim at all or very quickly?

The dim wasn’t working at all, but I think it had to do with the pick/name. I adjusted based on what you said and it’s working now…still haven’t gotten the morning lights to work though, they just turn on at the last dim brightness. I’ll keep trying things though.
I appreciate your help!

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no problem :grin:

mhh thats weird, when you try to adjust the dim level so maybe from 0,1 to 1. (10 to 100%)
does it then work?

I think I got it.

you need to have a ‘dim to’ card between the time and the start transition

so the dim card wil be dim to 1%, this set the light on on 1% and than start transition from 0.01 to 0.5) during which time you like.

that will do the job, for testing you can use 10 steps and 8 seconds. then you will see it happen

Could this work?

yes, this could work but it works only 1 full minute. so when its Monday and motion sensor sees motion and its precise 06:15. then it works.

may I ask why you want this at exactly 06:15?

Trying to create a wakeup light, this should start at 06:15 and increase the brightness to 100% within 30 minutes. There must be something I don’t understand here since this doesn’t work as intended

The flow works up to the chronograph. At 06:15 it turns on the lights, but the chronograph does not dim the lights from 30% to 100% in 30 steps for 30 minutes. There must be something I’m missing here

In your flowcards, you place a tag in the namefield.
You should just enter a name for the transition.

Then you also need a When transition reached a step card, and set the light you want dimmed after that When card with the values/tags provided by the When card.


I’m trying to do the same, but it just doesn’t work, the light just goes directly to full brightness. At first I thought it was the saved brightness level, so I added that it starts with dim to 1% (that part works if I only test till there), but then the lights switches to full again. I must have done something wrong but don’t see it…

Strange thing is that if I send the transition value to a push notification, I do get a correct value every few seconds

uh, already found the issue, if you use a dim card with a number then you use 0 to 100%, if you use the transition value, then it must be 0.01 to 1, so much for consistency…

Well, thats how Homey does it, i cant do much about that.
Indeed dim values are between 0.00 and 1.00.

Nothing to complain to your app! I am using it a lot for timers, just hadn’t used it for transitions yet, but now everything’s clear. Happy to use the app :slight_smile:

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