MAYDAY CHRONOGRAPH APP - tried all posts here but still not working

O Hell…

I am not succeeding in using CHRONOGRAPH APP for a very simple flow.
I tried all posts, even translated those in german but no success.

I have a WALLI DIMMER ( named WD) that when it is switched ON must bring light to 60% in 10 seconds slowly like in 30 steps.

So i understood it need 2 flows ?
When → WD is turned ON → Then → chronograph card (start transition Dimlight1 from 0 to 60 in 30 steps during 10 seconds)

When → chronograph card (transition Dimlight1 has reached a step → Then → WD Dim to Transitionlue


I spent hours on this :cold_face:

I think the transition is incorrect, because dim values mostly range from 0 to 1. If you want to dim it to 60%, you should choose 0.6 in the transition.
It would look like this: from 0 to 0.6 in 30 steps during 10 seconds.

One thing to be aware of: 30 steps in 10 seconds means one step ever 0.333 seconds, which will likely cause Homey to automatically pause your flow because it gets triggered too often.

I did change from 60 to 0.6 and i set up 10 steps instead of 30.
But it s not working.

I also wonder my flows get grey in the flows like if they were deactivated.

Likely because they were deactivated.

yeah when i turn ON the light they get deactivated sometimes but when they are not deactivated, these flows dont dim the light like they should.

Is there anyone skilled who can confirm these flows are correct ?
And help dim !?

Any tuto ?

Is it even possible to use the “Turned On” action to start a transition with it?
If you switch on the lamps via the Walli dimmer, the circuit is closed and the lamps are automatically turned on.
This is a physical process and not something that is controlled by software.

Maybe it works with “Scene Activation” (parameter 40 or 41).

– Button Scene / Button 1 or 2 / 1x
– Lamp is off
– Set dimming level to 5 %
– Start transition with 1 sec delay

…and so on.

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What does happen? Nothing? I’d put a timeline notification in the start flow to see the start and dim flow to see the transition value change on the timeline. Did you check if alle the flows are in the enabled state when you test?

I also noticed you start from 0, which is intended to mean: turn light off. It should be that setting a higher dim value turns the light on again, but maybe it doesn’t, and only changes the dim setting with lights still off?

I have the feeling that it is difficult to help @mattrix. At the moment he dances on two weddings (Chronograph App / Transition App) and wants to realize his idea forcefully, no matter if it is technically possible or not. Hints and suggestions seems to be ignored. There is also not much constructive feedback, so that we could support better and more focused.
This is not meant in a bad way, I/we just want to help.


I use the Transition app also but only time based. That works good.
I have a card with “If the Transition has changed” in Dutch, als de 2aarde is veranderd.
Is that the same as "If Transition has reached a step"like you card?

Yes, it’s the same.

Ok, Thank you.
Then I have no idea were it goes wrong.

I finally gave up on this and used the tim of dimming in the advanced walli dimmer settings to perform what i wanted.

But i think it would make sense if each app released for homey had a tutorial with it.

Anyway thanks to the community for trying help anyone.

I looked several times into the manual but didn’t found any parameter for dimming up slowly after switching on the light.
But this is the best and probably the only way to realize this.
Good to hear that it works now.

Here is my setup for a walli dimmer if it can help anyone.

One day i will need be facing the transition problem again surely!

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Because I don’t own a Walli dimmer myself, I could only look into the manual and not try it out myself.

As I wrote, in this way you want to use the transition I think it’s not possible, because by switching the lamp on with the original “hardware” Walli dimmer switch you close the electrician circuit and the lamp turns on. How it turns on depends on the hardware setting.

To use a transition via a flow started from an “soft” event, e.g. the sun goes down, the brightness changed outdoor, time or with an other switch, it is absolutely no problem.

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