Homeyscript for gradual lighting

After i tried transitions and chronograph app, i did not manage to do a simple when light is on, light it up gradually from 0 to 60 during 10 seconds.

So i was hoping it was possible to do it via homescript.
Is it ?
Has anyone any script idea ?

Thank you

Not like this is going to be any easier or better with HomeyScript. But I am curious. What was the problem with that Chronograph app? It also depends on your lights / lightsapp. Some might be command rate limited.

I tried these apps with Fibaro walli dimmer and dimmable spot leds.
After checking every posts here i could not find a way to make the graduation light wanted. It was always full on at once or full off at once, never smooth.

I am not sure but i think 2 flows are needed which is what i did, in vain…

Maybe that new Splines app would be worth a try before going all maso with Homeyscript. I have not tested it yet but people seem to be very fond of it.