Scenes / routines (ex: good morning, good night, im home, im leasing etc)

My family are used to scenes (or routines) from other systems. For instance “Good Morning” to turn on pretty much all (but not all) lights at a certain dim-level. Or for example “Good Night” to turn off lights and appliances. Or “Leaving”. And so on.

I want to implement this in HomeKit (because wife favors dashboard in hallway and daughter favors the Home-app on her iPhone), but I want Homey to operate the flows. Are there any better options than using a flow stating WHEN this flow is started - THEN do all of that? It will be quite a lot to “do” under THEN when each device has to be added individually.

Do anyone here use a similar setup? How have you solved this?

If you have organised your devices into zones, you can use the “turn all devices on” card and select that zone. If the scene runs across different zones, you can identify the lights and switches that you need to turn on that can be grouped across the different scenes with the group app. This way, you can limit it to just activating the groups.

I use this across different scenes.

By zones your talking about this?


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Yep with this in the THEN part