ROTO roof system

I really need help with adding ROTO roof systems. Maybe someone here can help me.
I bought a used HOMEY PRO 2019 because of the 868 Mhz, which is apparently not available in the 2023 version.

I need help with blinds in my house, I have 3 YODA Somfy and ROTO roof systems.
I managed to add the first two systems to Somfy, I bought Tahoma Yoda, I added it via the application downloaded from HOMEY, but I cannot add ROTO 868.3Mhz.
what should I do, is there any possibility - a trick similar to Yoda that came through with the Sunway Window app??? I really cannot add ROTO to the app.
If you know german, please answer in it. I am not good with english and using translator. Will be grateful for any help.