Torro blinds

Hi. I’m a new Homey owner and so far I really like the product and possibilities. I have a question regarding Torro blinds, is there a way of controlling it in Homey?

If there is no app… then would be hard to get it connected.

And as your not given any information at all, like the protocol it uses.

Thanks Roy for quick response. I have not found any app for Torro. As I understand it, Torro works on 433,92 MHz.

You could try some other brands (apps) on homey. mybe it will work. Otherwise you need a specific homey app for it.

Ok, thanks. I’ll try and see what happens

Unfortunately not succesful. It seems like Torro blinds are not working with Homey at the moment

Any ideas, anyone?

Ok, thats far above my level of knowledge