Room thermostat: read

Hi all, hope you all are doing well.

I am new to Homey and I am currently looking into how to read values from out room thermostats.

(Radio frequency 868 MHz, <10mW.)

They are not very smart. My current hardware does not support “smart-options”.

I am looking for a way to read the signals RFID (836mhz maybe) from the thermostats to the central unit.
A very nice to have is to read the battery level, is possible. With multiple thermostats and bad display - it would be very “smart” to be able to read the battery level from these thermostats and thereby receive notification/flow with this information.
OR just read the current temperature from the thermostat.

Is it possible with homey to sniff on this protocol/RFID/868 MHz from my Homey Pro?

This feature is one of my best wishes for christmas…

Best regards
The home service-guy

Sorry, 868MHz is not possible @ Homey, except for the zwave protocol

Thank you for your response.

I had hoped for some generic device or something - that would have been awesome.
Or I had hoped for some small device as an add-on to support this. Dammit.

Also, maybe the thermostats dont report low battery in the communication.

YW, Kim.
There is a way, but not tested by me.

The previous Homey models should support 868MHz, but I don’t know what it does and doesn’t do in real life situations

Used Pro 201x models are sold starting around €75 - € 100
With the app set Homesh (controller & satellite), you can use the 868MHz devices with a Pro 2023

It’s the same as 433Mhz support, in that you need an app for device support.