Oregon Scientific THN132N / TFA D-97877 Temp sensors

Just got my new Homey Pro - trying to setup my devices on it.

Been trying to Add:-

Oregon Scientific THN132N / TFA D-97877 Temp sensors

I have a dozen around the house.

I have tried Add using the :-

Oregon App THN132N - sat 10cm from Homey - (shows up in my RFXCom receiver)
Wireless Weather Sensors

All of which immediately declare ‘No new devices have been found’ instantly.

I can see the THN132N ‘pinging’ out every ~60 seconds

I can see all the sensors ‘pinging’ on my RFXCOM but none are detectable by Homey.

Any ideas or suggestions on how to get these working?

These are a show stopper - I have the TFAs in the Fridge and Freezers and need to keep monitoring them.

Well, I do have an Oregon and my experience is that the 433mhz has NO RANGE whatsoever! Glue your sensors to Homey, maybe its close enough.

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Ok thanks, much appreciated.

With this and not being able to control my ZWave Heating/Hot Water it moves the dial to does not compute.

I hold Homey in really high regard and think it is a fantastic product with extremely excellent interface and attention to detail - the closest thing I have seen to Appliance based HA!!

But too costly for me to re-engineer the whole heating/hot water systems.