Best App for using Oregon Temp Sensors


Any recommendations?

New to Homey, received it last night.

There appear to be a lot of ways to use Oregon Temp Sensors, ironically the Oregon App did not detect any of the 8 Oregon Temp Sensors in the house :slight_smile:

I have tried
Oregon App - no sensors detected overnight.
Weather Sensors App - found 4 of the Oregon Sensors overnight

Could not get the RFXCOM App to install at all - it just stated my Homey was not compatible with it.

Just installed the RFXCOM 2 App to see if it can see any of the Oregon Sensors could be found.

For the record ALL 8 of the Oregon sensors are being received by my existing HA using the RFXCOM hw, I am hoping Homey will be an upgrade for it.

Hi, did you receive an answer ? I would like also to know which app is best.
Furthermore, I would like to know if the support is good…


No answer.

Unfortunately I was unable to get the supported Secure/Horstmann zwave heating controller to connect to Homey due to a bug in the app.

I was unable to continue with Homey, I needed a HA that will control heating.

Hopefully one day it will be fixed and I can test Homey again.

Really liked Homey, I was very impressed by it.

So sad… Homey seems great but developpeurs ar not enough in number…
I dont knwo if Homey is successful

I use draadloze weersensoren app from Ramon Baas, you van choose 3 different Oregon types in the configuration page.

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Thanks a lot ! Thats works well ?

Worked for me, it took a while before homey discovered my weather station.
I remember that i used the reset button on the oregon station.