Oregon Scientific invalid SDK:2


Trying to connect an Oregon Scientific Enocean humidity and temperature sensor to my Homey Pro
When I search in devices for Oregon it shows RFXcom.2
I select RFXcom, and then I select Oregon
But I have the following error message: Invalide SDK: 2
Do I need to do something prior to installing this new device, I do see it is greyed out?


The mobile app shouldn’t have suggested this app, it cannot run on your Homey. There’s nothing you can to about that.

Maybe this app makes it work:

Oh, I just noticed the “EnOcean” part of the question. Homey doesn’t support that anyway.

Well I also noticed the two words Oregon Scientific. So what does Enocean mean? Another protocol?

Let me Google that for you :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks, definitively another wireless transmission technology. Interesting as it uses no batteries or AC.

I installed the app, it does show Oregon scientific sensor, but did not find my sensor (I odn’t remember but I think with RFX com devices there is no pairing mode it is automatic)
Yes Enocean is a battery efficient protocol, just like Zigbee or Zwave, I did not know it was not supported, since Rfxcom is supported I assumed (wrongly) it was

Thanks for your help, I will move to another sensor then :slight_smile:

Perhaps Rfxcom supports it, but that app isn’t supported on the Homey Pro 2023.