Rituals Wireless Perfume Genie


I’m using the Rituals Wireless Perfume Genie for a little while now and noticed my Genie in Homey does not show the cartridge I have in it and what the current amount of perfume is in it.

Earlier Homey showed this information, but it doesn’t anymore.

Is there a reason why this information isn’t shown anymore?


Just wanted to share that I have the same issue.

Same problem here as well

I see Homey created this app in-house. Can they tell us more about the problems and hopefully a future fix? :slight_smile:

Just for knowledge. It is working over here. Ritual + Homey Pro and it displays the information.

Still nothing over here. Using v.3.0.1 and Homey 5.0.0-rc.49

Did you asked them? If not you should ask them over the support email.

I will contact their support. I’ll keep this topic updated.

Do you always use the original Rituals refills?
Or would it be possible to refill a cartridge with another aroma of your own liking?

Hi Jannick, have you received any info from Athom? I have the same issue, last updated info was a month ago…

Hi all, just checked, and is working again here too. Homey 2016 v5, Rituals v3.1.1

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