Alexa + Bticino + Homey

unfortunately the Bticino/Legrand system is not supported by Homey, and this is a big lack for italian/french Homey customers.
So , i’m trying to implement the Bticino devices using Alexa like a “bridge”. Alexa infact can manage Bticino devices, and Homey can load the ALexa devices. It seems run … untill now, but sometimes into my flow i must know the status of the devices, and using this TRICK, the status of the devices are not updated by Homey, if the status is changed using physical button, or using Alexa routine. This is another problem … how can i update the status of the Alexa’s devices inside Homey? Is there a way?

How did you see Bticino devices on Homey? I have a Living Now system, but I can’t see my devices on Homey… :thinking:
I still haven’t given up hope of seeing an official app sooner or later…

If you install ALEXA app on Homey, and add device (Smart light) using Homey, you will found all the “Bticino living now” devices , inside the Homey APP. They run properly, but without status
update if you change the status outside Homey

Got it, thanks! The lack of status update unfortunately makes them unusable in flows…but I can see all my devices in Homey now :wink:

Maybe this helps, just released: [APP] YCH Control?

Thank you Peter, I noticed this app but it has a lot of limits…you have to move the account to a developer one, plus the limit of 500 interrogations per day. Moreover I don’t know how the Alexa skill could react to this…
I would prefer an “official” app or something easier to manage, since I already have my Bticino devices shown in Homey through Alexa and/or Home Assistant.

Thanks again!

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Hi I just noticed you linked my project thank you very much Peter. And yes you’re right for the limit of 500 interrogations a day, I hope it gets removed one day. Just want to correct one thing you’ve said Alessandro it’s that you don’t actually to move to a dev account it’s more like link one to your existing account. I have two accounts that are linked to one controller a dev one and the other is just the same as before and either it is the dev or not it works seamlessly in Home + Control. Moreover Alexa works just fine.

Also I think I made a mistake because my app doesn’t support Btcino (myHOME) devices because this is like the ancestor of “… with Netatmo” product family, so I won’t work for integration of Btcino on Homey.

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Hi all …
maybe Alessandro is talking about the new system of Bticino, based on Netatmo framework, considering that the Bticino Home+ app is the same of netatmo one.
I have installed your Homey APP, and linked my Home+ account … but even if the account (on the Eliot cloud) is linked, no device is recognized by Homey using your APP. In my home i have:

  • light activators K4003C [Bticino Living now]
  • Gateway Bticino K4500C (netatmo based) (NOT Myhome)
  • Bticino Smarter 2 with Netatmo Thermostat

None are supported in you app … aren’t they?


Yes, I’m talking about the latest Bticino system (in detail, my home is completely set up with Living Now system). The app I use is Home+ and I have installed:

  • K4003C light switches
  • K4500C central gateway
  • K4027C roller shutter controls
  • K4411C dimmable light switches
  • K4531C connected socket

I will try to link my current account with a dev one.
At now I added almost all of my Bticino devices to Homey through Alexa (except K4027C, don’t know why…), with the important limitation that Homey cannot read the device status (in addition to the connection instability of Alexa app in Homey).
I can see my devices in Homey also through Home Assistant, where the devices are linked via HomeKit.
Too much complicated…I would pay for an official app for Bticino :rofl:

me too!

Ok i was so sure that Btcino was going to die… but my bad ahah ! It might work with my app easily if I get the following informations

  • The device’s hw type
  • The device’s class
  • What it actually does in reality (dimmer, on off etc…)
  • The reference

To get the hw type and device class you need to follow these steps on works with Legrand :

  1. You need to login on works with Legrand with your account and then go to APIS LIST (under the dropdown menu API) and then go to Home + Control. You’ll get that page :

  2. Now we need to retrieve your plants list to get that you’ll need to click on the left side of that page on “get user’s plants”. After that click on “Try it”. You get that page :

  1. (These steps will remain the same for the different type of getters) :
    You’ll need to fill the “Ocp-Apim-sub…” field with this : PM me to get it (and please don’t share it with anyone). Then you need to retrieve an oAuth Token by clicking on Authorization code under the dropdown menu besides “OAuth Server for Try it Eliot API” (it will open a popup page your browser may block it). When you successfully retrieved the token you should have this in the http request window.

Just click on send now and retrieve your plant’s id (it should look like this : 000000005c1ff1f434773f38198b727b )

  1. Now go to “get plant’s topology” the steps are the same as step 3 you just need to fill the field plantId with the id you retrieved.

  2. Now you have all your devices hw types and class. It should be shown like that for one module :
    “id”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
    “name”: “RDC”,
    “hw_type”: “NLPT”,
    “device”: “light”
    You just need to refer yourself to the names you’ve given to your devices and send me what I need without their id’s, it’s private.

Once I get all I need I will send you a link to the test build and if everything works ok then it can go to live :slight_smile: !

I’m not a native English speaker so if you didn’t get something just ask me ahah, thank you in advance !

PS : I’m such a saint then I do it freely ahah
PS2 : If my app get enough success there might be a way to negociate more requests per day with Legrand.
PS3 : There is a very low chance that Legrand will develop an app for Homey they’re very busy at the moment because of the fusion with Netatmo…