Diffuser and Homey? Or no diffuser at all?!

My wife owns a company that provides daycare for dogs. Having soo many dogs around the house gives dust, dirt and bad smells. I am looking for a smart solution for this!

We’ve already ordered a Xiaomi Pro H purifier which will be implemented in some flows, but what about the bad smells? Does a diffuser really work or is it all just crap and should we stick to candles and air refreshners?

And if it works, what devices do you guys own that can be implemented in Homey?

Oh hi Justin,
I have an el-cheapo Ali diffuser (ultrasonic). Which gives a nice scent for a couple of hours on one fill of tapwater and a few aroma oil (from Xenos shop) drops in it.
I doubt it if it can hide the ‘lovely’ smell of ‘soo many dogs’ (how many is ‘soo many’? :wink: )
You can of course change the water/oil ratio, so fill it with oil, and add a few drops of water, and you can consider placing multiple diffusers.

Link to my diffuser (a Tuya wifi one, can be controlled via Tuya Cloud app “trigger a scene” flowcards)

Depends, but on this time of the tear we’ve got 10 dogs in our home. She actually outgrew our living room and garden, but we have to wait for some personal stuff before moving to a bigger work environment.

Using Tuya diffusers I was actually hoping to buy more then just one and set the intensity based on the business agenda. I have a few flows that act according to how many customers there are in one day, I could tell only one diffuser to start spraying when there are no customers and two or three arround the house when it’s busy.

I’m just not sure if it will work? They say this is better for your health then other sprays (the air purifier cleans out the gasses of home parfums), but do they give a significant amount of smell that the home keeps smelling great? :thinking:

By the way, the link you’ve send seems not to be about a Tuya based device?

Sorry, this is the right
Link to my diffuser

It is not that the scent is spreading through my whole floor. With 7 drops of oil per fill I get a kind of local scent.
So you probably need a few devices. You can fiddle with the amount of oil drops, and with the scent itself.
With Homey you could kind of create a switch for, say, 4 levels of “smell defense”.
And ofcourse automate it with the iCalCalendar app f.i., which can trigger flows based on the appointments in Google Calendar.
Unfortunately there’s no waterlevel indicator present, you could consider putting a flood sensor in the reservoir.
The diffuser stops automatically (on its own) when the water runs out.

Some say diffusers based on ultrasonic soundwaves are evil, but idk tbh.
Mine is running every now and then.

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts.

I’m still a little bit sceptical about all of this, but it’s not a very high price for a test device soo I will try and see if this does the trick. I ordered this one:

It’s pretty funny that there is soo little to find about diffusers and Homey… I guess it’s a bit of a woman thingy or something, haha?? However, it could be a great device to implement into a smart home. As well for the smell but also for a better humidity working toghetr with sensors and timers.

Again, thanks for helping out. Hopefully China Express is fast this time!

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