Any Pet Feeders supported? What about Xiaomi or Tuya devices?

Hey there!

New user here. Can’t wait to try the Homey Pro soon (will be my first).

I want to buy a pet feeder that is supported by Homey, and haven’t found any on the devices list yet. I’m wondering if there would be any luck that if I buy a Tuya or Xiaomi one Homey will pick it up through the Tuya or the Mi app?

What is my best bet to see if those devices are supported by Homey? And maybe there is some work around to add them via some obscure app/method? Been reading and searching a lot through the forums but feeling a bit lost on finding this out on these seemingly ‘niche’ items without any experience with Homey yet.

To provide some more info, here are some pet feeders/fountains I am interested in:

And actually the same question goes for many other devices, I am also wondering about air diffusers/humidifiers from Tuya / Mi or other. Here are some examples:

Of course if you have suggestions on similar devices of other brands which are supported, please let me know!

I only have the cat door, but the feeder is supported as well


Unfortunately that feeder’s function is to protect the food from other pets using a pet’s microchip. I just want a feeder with a storage compartment so I don’t have to refill it myself every day. AFAIK that Sure feeder you still have to refill every day.

I got the Aqara Smart Pet Feeder C1 Zigbee 3.0, but it is not yet supported by the Aqara app.

We asked the developer already:

Welcome to the Homey universe.

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Unfortuneatly diffusers and humidifiers are tricky, there used to be some but they are not really available any more :

I have a swtichBot humidifier which is connected to Homey but I am no longer able to find where to purchase it.

I have a ottim diffuser, which I have integrated into Homey - again, no longer available.

There is a phillips humidifier app which might help :

There is also an official rituals app, but i’m not a fan of having to buy their cartridges.

I made mine last month. I used:

  • a Wemos D1 mini with Homeyduino to control distribution with flow (15€ for 3 wemos)
  • a relay 5v (9€ for 5 relays)
  • a motoreductor (20€ for 1)
  • a 12v power supply 15W (11€ for 1)
  • a pulley with belt (13€)
  • a SR04 sensor to check the volum (optional, 5€ for 1)
  • a button (optional)
  • 3D Print
  • a wood panel

I can share fusion plans if someone is interesting. I can stock 15Kg food.
Behind the wall it’s the kennel, i fixed the metal dog’s bowl on the floor to be sure the food goes in.