Xiaomi Pro H purifier support


Soo i’ve searched the forum, searched Github, searched Google… I found 3 possible apps, one of them on the Homey community store, but I can’t seem to get the Purifier Pro H to work on my Homey. Every app has some issue.

Anybody here that has the Pro H working?

I have 3H working on mi homey. Pro isnt that different except for the deviceid. Did you ask the author of the app to add it ?

And which app is this we’re talking about?

The Mi Home in the app store seems te be broken on all fronts and the app in the community store says it supports the Pro model but pressing “test connection” leads to nowhere.
Also I understood that contacting the developer of the last app was pretty difficult?

What app am I missing?

That is the app in the community store. I have no idea how difficult it is to reach him. He probably has a busy life and works in his spare time on the app.

I have same device and contacted the developer and donate money but still no response nor support in MI Homey.
But still looking forward :wink:

You used the app in the community store?

I think the MI Homey community app seems to me the most valuable candidate for supporting the Pro H.
But no apps is supporting it yet

Did you try the pro v6 or v7 in mi homey ?
If it won’t connect it cannot be added as device anyways.
I had my unsupported chinese vacuum mop cleaner added as vacuum lds, does work (most of the time)

I’m tempted to buy this model too but I want the app support for it as well. Not many days have passed but I was hoping for more news. If else, I’m looking at the Vocolinc VAP1, that has Homekit support (but is a bit more expensive).

Today i’ve received my Air Purifier 3H. I installed the Mi Home app and added the air purifier. From then i spend a whole afternoon trying to get the required token :sweat_smile:

After creating the token i could connect the Air Purifier 3H but it doesn’t work. The Mi Home App stops. I’ve noticed the bad reviews on the app but i do not know how it performs with other Mi Home devices. For the Air Purifier 3H it does not.

I wonder if a developer of an app in the community store must conform some sort of agreement with Athom. I assume Athom doesn’t want a community store filled with apps which doesn’t function correctly.

If someone has an alternative please share this with us. @Da_JoJo, how did you manage to get the 3H working? Which community app are you referring to?

Install this
Then this:

Use this app to get token

Try adding the ProH with V6 and V7 implementations in Mi Homey
It failed with “Wrong Token”. But the token is correct. It is exactly the same as I use successful in Homebridge Miot Plugin

I also tried to add Pro H with other purifiers selected, but no luck. I contacted the developer for the support. Let’s pray together.

Same here… I have a Pro H and it doesn’t get connected. I did get my Mi Vacuum to be connected again.

I am looking to order a Xiaomi purifier. Has the Pro support been added to the Homey?

Not yet.
In HA it will work.

But I don’t think we will see it in Homey.
I believe the Mi Homey and Xiaomi mi Home App are dead.

Mi Homey isn’t dead, I asked the guy on telegram last week to add my humidifier he teamviewered to my desktop and made a new driver within 30 min! Awesome dude!

This is his contact info:

Telegram: t.co/maxmudjon
E-mail: payziyev@gmail.com

Hmm. Strange guy

I send him months ago a donation and asked for adding my the purifier pro h
Also contacted him via Telegram and ask for implementation (and his price). Still no reaction
An answer on an email last year is still outstanding.

So all in all you should be happy that you get your implementation
I still flag the app as dead, but just my opinion…:wink:

Git updated

You need to ask the guy trust me

Snap 6